U) Cast away from the planet Terra

1) Finding the Truth of our Forefathers - Atlantis

2) Departure back to the crime scene

____________________________ 1. Part

2) Departure back to crime scene (continued)

3) Interplanetary station

 ____________________________ 2. Part



 The story tells about the space wandering of three heroes:
Kpt. Terkan, Switta and Dr.Green and their mysterious adventures.
In the first and second part we find ourselves in the corners of the Andromeda galaxy,
On the planet Terra. On a planet with an abundance of animal species,
Extraterrestrial beings and one big secret.
Legacy of relics in the form of platinum discs on which
Is written a known history of the universe.



 One day Terra is attacked by insidious enemies called Shadow or the shadow of emptiness.
In abundant numbers they devastate everything that comes to their way, they slowly grow through the universe and leave behind
savaged planets. Next in the row was planet Terra, the humans did not manage to avert the attack and only a few survivors
headed by Kpt.Terkan left their native home.











They fly towards the interplanetary site,
which floats freely in the area on the way
to the Milky Way, our current galaxy.


Upon arrival, he finds that the platform is not used for years and is almost inoperative.
The fictional plan of the cpt. Tercan is carried out, one team flies to colonize the discovered planet Earth and for one volunteer remains the sword of fate, to participate in the future of the planet Terra.


  The volunteer Switt is promoted to captain and assigned a difficult task.
Restore the ecosystem of the platform and continue to guard the rest of the relics that they failed to load the interstellar ship when hastily leaving planet Terra.




In the meantime cpt. Terkan flies to colonize the blue planet to ensure survival of its race and to give new technologies to other generations of the human race homo sapiens. Switt with her chosen wife begins with the restoration of the air home. The Captain thoroughly writes to the log a depiction of important coordinates on the way to the planet Terra, so that it does not remain forgotten.    



 The diary was found in 2021 a.d.
during Dr. Green's archeological excavations in desert of Egypt. After partial decryption of the diary followed a storm of events.
According to the diary's entry rare relics and not yet known technologies are discovered


  It was clear that in the distant stars we are surrounded by friendly beings and perhaps an important mission.
For the first time, humanity builds a space interstellar ship and wanders along the coordinates of the diary. After landing on the planet Terra
Dr.Green's team makes a first contact, an enemy encounter with unexpected Shadow attack.
They will survive by luck, and wander along the tracks of the diary to the next coordinate to the interplanetary site, where they meet cpt. Switt, who finally fulfilled his promise. He welcomes the first human contact from planet Earth and says
"Together we will now build a better world, Dr. Green,
I will tell you everything on the way to Earth, my friends ".

  Author: Ondřej Jirásko
Sketch: Martin Hašek