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 Price 1 €

Minimal order 100 pieces


Item icons into e-shops and banners to click through the web interface. 


   Price 9 €

Pictures and posters



Printing on solid material: Canvas

Internal framing of posters and images from 40x30cm to 120x90cm.






  • excellent color reproduction
  • real appearance and impression from artistic image reproduction
  • framing for wooden frames and aluminum frames
  • hand framing
  • your photos will be on real screen
  • screen size 30x30 cm to 150x500 cm





Advice and suggestions for interior and exterior paintings.

How to revive a study, a meeting room, a meeting room for a business or a hotel, a club or a café? Let the whole campaign come to us, we will design your ideal creation in every detail of new picture or poster decorations.




We will match the size of all digital images to your size.





Price print 20 €.

Framing images 17 €  size 40cmx30cm.

Advertising and information sheets


Printing technology:  Digitální

Colors:  CMYK

Material:  Frontlit  - PVC

Size:   150cm x  500cm






          By default, the advertising billboard is supplied with a reinforced

          edge by high-frequency welding and 50 cm metal eyelets.

Price 40 €.

Size:   150cm x  100cm



 Price 55 €.

Internet banners

  • Leader Board 745x100 px
  • Sky Scraper 120 x 600 px
  • Squere 250 x 250 (300 x 300) px


Price 20 €.

We will suggest you a simple pendant, holder and box



Pendant size from 15x15mm.

     The smallest possible engraved surface 2x2mm.

Cutting material to size 5mm.


Shape and style freedom.




  A business card is an integral part of the business.
      The layout and graphics reflect our business sector.




Order banners logos business layouts

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